Subtitles Always Crashing in the Same Car



Janine, Tom and Pete have lost interest to break up the equanimity of their parents a long time ago. Their dazed souls are searching to feel themselves. To achieve this, everything is possible for the three children coming from rich families. They stage pain and degradation and they attack the steril peace of their parents with vicious, hypocritical plays. Janine pretends to be raped by her father. She screams, she cries, she whimpers, she implores, she even hurts herself but she gets no reaction from her mother. Immediatly she pulls the next register. She tells her father that his wife is having an affair with a manual worker. Again # no reaction. The attempt to work up her parents against each other fades away into nothing. Nearly the same story happens to Tom # who tries to break his parents tolerance with a shrill perfomance. This kind of play # even among eachother - is their only way of expressing themselves. Nothing is real and only increasement brings some thrill. But their macabre game with reality soon is out of control and the end is unavoidable.

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Always Crashing in the Same Car

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[naynay]The Myth
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