Subtitles Facing the Truth



In his new film, an intriguing and delicately crafted drama, Malmros portrays the poignant story of a man, who grew up in very modest circumstances in the early years of the 20th century, but whose diligence, intelligence and willingness to endure hardship helped him to become a leading brain surgeon. A success story on the face of it, but a story about a man - who is none other than the director's father - a man of powerful emotions. The film explores the nature and origin of the guilt that repeatedly deprived him of happiness.

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At kende sandheden
Danish, German
98 min
8 wins & 6 nominations.


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At Kende Sanheden.sub
At kende sandheden (Nils Malmros 2002 sub files) DVDivX52AC3 CSR

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