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A love story which unfolds over three days and nights on the outskirts of the metropolis. Seventeen-year-old Ema (Dorota Nvotová) breaks up with 'dude' Viktor (Lukás Latinák), has a fling with future pilot Karel (Mário Kubas), and meets a real man (Ondrej Vetchý), a taxi driver without a taxi. In the tangle of relationships, the characters sometimes have an opportunity to share their feelings, but sometimes they simply pass each other by. The story is told through Ema's eyes as she observes the world around her while searching for love, fun, and joy. But she's not the only one looking for happiness, nor the only one who finds it hard to avoid hurting others in the process. Ema's abandoned mother (Jana Hubinská)looks for another chance for love, while Karel's parents try to put long-lost meaning back into their marriage.

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Czech Republic, Slovakia
Czech, Slovak
83 min
4 wins & 5 nominations.


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