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The Sinai, 1970. In the war of attrition between Egypt and Israel, the young man Weisbert winds up in a 'Hessed Shel Emet' unit, a group of religious soldiers with the difficult task of identifying the corpses of the fallen soldiers and preparing them in their entirety for a Jewish burial that fulfills the religious prescriptions. This often means piecing together the individual parts of horribly mutilated bodies. In the expanses of the desert, Weissbert is alone with two reservists and their commander, Visner. Lost in no-man's land, cut off from the world, Weisbert has nothing that could protect him from Wiesner's total power, from the strange mixture of cruelty and paternal care with which he treats him. In Weisbert's nightmares, the dead ally themselves with Wiesner against him. There seems to be no way for him to get out of this horror. But one day, the situation becomes so unbearable that Weissbert prefers the unknown, barren desert over all else. Before the impressive backdrop of the Sinai, the film delivers in an intimate constellation a very precisely staged study of human behavior in extreme situations. At the same time, this tiny microcosmos presents a not-so-flattering portrait of the military.

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Hessed Shel Emet

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