Subtitles Italian for Beginners



This fifth Danish Dogme film is about six vulnerable individuals whose lives are interwoven. In a city suburb, a young minister arrives to take up duties at a local church. He is persuaded by his assistant to join an Italian night school class, and he soon becomes the centre of a group of people to whom fate has dealt quite serious blows. Gradually each one in the group manages to overcome his/her predicament and find a happy solution. This Dogma production was shown at the Berlinale in 2001 where it surprisingly won a silver medal.

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Italian for Beginners
Denmark, Sweden
Danish, Italian, English
112 min
20 wins & 23 nominations.


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[69721] Italiensk for begyndere (2000).srt
Italian for Beginners.SrT
Italienska for
Italiensk for begyndere.eng.sub

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