Subtitles Vua bai rac



Trong (Vo Hoai Nam) is a domineering pseudo gang leader and rubbish dealer who pockets any meager profits made by the other rubbish collectors in his end of town. But his life takes a dramatic turn for the better when he meets Thuy, a flower vendor who is also engaging in prostitution just to make enough money to buy medicine for her sick mother. Transformed by his love for her, Trong also re-configures the garbage dump, making it more bearable for its inhabitants. But when a young artist begins to make frequent visits to see Thuy, Trong almost kills him in a fit of jealous rage. Thuy, not one to take this false show dirty machismo, walks out on him. Trong once again attempts to change his physical space by turning the garbage dump into a venue for experimental art exhibits put together by the garbage collectors themselves.

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Foul King

97 min


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