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Summer holidays have always been magical. Perhaps because they idealize the memory of adults at the time of the greatest possible freedom: no school, no work, but room for a lot of new experiences, adventure, and first romances. Whether in the world of Astrid Lindgren, which seems to be always set in summer vacation, or in somewhat rougher renditions such as "Stand by Me," a single summer can define one's whole life. The tenth summer of Kalli is certainly one of these magical experiences. Along with his friends, he initially planned great things, including opening a zoo - however, one that not only offers the ordinary creeping or fluttering items in a preserving jar, but a true sensation. And suddenly there appears a little monkey, from dubious origins. But where to keep it? Kalli has an idea and his thoughts turn to his mysterious neighbors. The strange neighbor Mrs. Hilfers and her daughters, who have earned both an extremely wicked reputation and also a surprisingly warm reaction to Kalli's father, agrees to Kalli's plan: She takes in the monkey during the day. And so things can take their course during Kalli's special summer: a family crisis, a first kiss, and some challenging new friendships. Kalli's tenth summer takes place in 1960, and one of the greatest pleasures of the film is the artistry of Bernd Lepel, who created unobtrusive, but lovingly decorated long shots. In general, there is a lot to see in Jörg Grünler's family film, whose story appeals to audience of all ages.

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The Tenth Summer
98 min
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Der Zehnte Sommer - The Tenth Summer (2003)
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