Subtitles Man Made: The Story of Two Men and a Baby



Against the backdrop of a conservative political environment, gay couples are testing the boundaries of traditional marriage and family values, and are overcoming considerable legal and cultural limitations to have children. Man Made: The Story of Two Men and a Baby is an intimate portrayal of a gay male couple's determination to be parents. Prevented from adopting a child, or accessing IVF facilities or commercial surrogacy in Australia, Tony Wood and Lee Matthews embarked on an international surrogacy arrangement that would take them to Iowa, America, for the birth of their son. This is a compelling story that explores Tony and Lee's desire to have a baby alongside the remarkable motivations of their surrogate, Junoa. The film provides a rare insight into the emotional and financial cost of surrogacy, and at the same time challenges the traditional notions of families and parenting.

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Man Made: The Story of Two Men and a Baby

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