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When the Japanese Metropolitan Police Department is confronted by a series of mysterious kidnappings of the teenage children of some various wealthy and powerful businessmen, they call upon the services of a vary unique crime fighting taskforce. While officially referred to simply as "PG" (The Private Government), they call themselves the "Playgirl". Lead by former L.A.P.D. policewoman Sagara Haruka, the team is comprised of a bevy of sexy and beautiful undercover agents, each specializing in various skills. Kaoru is the statuesque and leggy beauty who is a master of disguise; Yumiko is the tough as nails, CSI technician and computer whiz; Natsumi is the lethal yet stunning and hip ko-gal and Aya is the motorcycle riding young rookie. Together they tackle the criminals that the police are unable to. The Playgirl attempt to track down the mysterious extortionists but soon discover that the kidnappers are being led by a former lover of Haruka, who has comeback to Japan for revenge. Can Haruka and the other Playgirls stop this rouge cop and save the life of his latest kidnapped victim, Mimura?

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