Subtitles Clever Monkey Pinochet versus La Moneda's Pig



This is a film about the September 11, 1973 military coup in Chile, from the point of view of Chileans who were born and grew up after this traumatic event. Based on improvisations and collective creation work, groups of pre-schoolers, adolescents, and university students from different social, cultural, and political origins, recreate history through mise-en-scenes that come from their own imaginations. The film articulates this creative vortex in a multiple-narrative flowing cinematic mosaic that gives an account of contemporary Chile by reliving its past.

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Clever Monkey Pinochet versus La Moneda's Pig
72 min


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El Astuto Mono Pinochet contra La Moneda de los Cerdos DVDRip (Eng).srt
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