Subtitles Kill or Be Killed



After his mother's departure, 13-year-old David is headed down a dangerous path. Neglected by his alcoholic father Paul, who blames David for his failed marriage, David takes solace in shoplifting, playing violent video games and doing drugs. One day, David forms an unexpected and intense friendship with Edward, the new sissy kid in town. David and Edward's friendship is tested after they have an intimate encounter that reveals David's closely guarded secrets. After David publicly humiliates Edward, Edward retaliates by exposing David's violent relationship with his father for the whole school to see. Embarrassed and exposed, David runs away for two days and realizes that he has a choice: continue down the path of self-hatred and cyclical abuse or learn to trust people that care about you.

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Kill or Be Killed

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Kill Or Be Killed (2004) English for
Kill Or Be Killed (2004)
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