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In this 6-story anthology collection, Batman faces new villains and old ones in a time-line after Batman Begins. In "Have I Got A Story For You", 3 kids tell wildly different stories about Batman during a fight through Gotham. "Crossfire" focuses on two policemen who end up getting in the middle of a crime battle. "Field Test" has Lucius Fox creating a new technology for Batman, but is it too powerful? "In Darkness Dwells" features Killer Croc and Scarecrow, who have kidnapped a priest. "Working Through Pain" goes through flashbacks of Bruce Wayne's training while Batman finds his way through the sewers. Finally, "Deadshot" focuses on the titular sniper, who has a new target in Gotham.

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Batman: Gotham Knight

USA, Japan, South Korea
English, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai
75 min
1 win & 2 nominations.


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Batman Gotham Knight 2008 720p BRRip [A Release-Lounge H264].srt
The Dark Knight [2008]
Batman Gotham
Batman Gotham
Batman - Gotham Knigh(www[1].FilmeRegale.Com).txt
Batman.Gotham.Knight[2008].Dvdrip.Xvid.AC3[5.1][Eng Subs]-RoCK&
Batman - Gotham Knight [2008] [Eng] [MP3] [DVDrip-M333]
Batman Gotham
Batman - Gotham Knight [2008] [Eng] [MP3] [DVDrip-M333]
Batman - Gotham Knight [2008] [Eng]

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