Subtitles Irene Huss 2: Den krossade tanghästen



A man jumps from a balcony and dies. His terrified wife witnesses the event in a nearby taxi cab. Once Irene Huss arrives on the scene, it soon turns out that what appeared to be a tragic suicide is actually a brutal murder, and the victim is one of Gothenburg's wealthiest men. When it becomes clear that a biker gang is involved, the investigation gets even more complicated and Irene finds herself tracking down a shrewd and dangerous murderer among ex-millionaires, motorcycle gangs, drug-dealers and blackmailers. At the same time, she has to deal with everyday life and a teenage daughter who has decided to join a gang of skinheads with Neo-Nazi tendencies.

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Irene Huss - Den krossade tanghästen
Sweden, Germany
86 min


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IH-Den Krossade Tanghä

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