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The winter season is almost here. In the snow chain packing section of a factory, the orders are piling up. Javier, the supervisor, asks upper management for additional personnel. Jairo is sent from another section while Karmentxu and Angela are hired through a temporary work agency, for two weeks. From 6am to 2pm, the four of them pack snow chains in silence, each of them at their own workstation. The meteorology announces a cold spell thus prolonging their stay at the factory. Almost without noticing, Angela starts breaking the work rules and little by little, the rules start changing. The work becomes a game and that cold and gray building the place to play. Nobody can imagine what is going on behind that iron gate. It is a secret shared just for the four of them. A world that survives thanks to the continuous snow. What is going to happen when the snow ceases to fall?

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Under the Snow
99 min
1 win.


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Nevando Voy - BY
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