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An all-boys group from Allahabad's St. Joseph's College is thrilled when a new-comer from Mumbai, Vaishnavi, joins them. Most of the students' time is spent in college, then in coaching classes, and finally they return home to stern parents who want them to complete their homework and ensure they secure good marks and become doctors, engineers, and IAS officers. Some even go to the extent of forcing their children to take up Science instead of Arts - killing whatever talent and initiative their children may have. Unable to handle the pressure as well as convince his parents to let him take arts - Navneet Singh kills himself. Devastated by his death, his friends approach Advocate Sanjay to sue not only Navneet's but also their respective parents. The Police refuse to register a complaint, and Sanjay files this matter in a Trial Court naming the parents as well as the Government of India as defendants. Many other students approach him and add themselves as plaintiffs- bringing the total to over one Lakh nine thousand. The argument from the Government is that this is a personal issue, strongly supported by parents who assert that they only want a better future for their children. With the media and politicians taking an interest in this scenario - the debate taking place is how will an already overburdened and openly corrupt judicial system - that has matters pending for decades - will address - leave alone resolve - this issue within the students' lifetime.

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Chal Chalein
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