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When London-based commercials director Erin Taylor catches boyfriend Mike in bed with another woman she gets drunk and buys dozens of things online with his credit card - including a run-down Yorkshire farm. Unable to sell it on she agrees to make a go of it as Mike's tenant. Initially clueless, she learns to become a farmer thanks to aged sitting tenant Olive and randy herdsman Clive. Olive's poor health leads Erin to put her in a home, incurring local disapproval, though G.P. Dr. Willis upholds her decision. She does however find allies in Matt the vet and horsey neighbour Judith, who not only helps her through a bovine crisis but, on learning that Willis is after the farm, joins her in springing Olive from the home to thwart the doctor's plans. So when Mike turns up, asking her to marry him, will she succumb to the urban life or carry on with the farm?

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Accidental Farmer

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