Subtitles The Liverpool Goalie



Thirteen year old Jo is a smart thinker of a guy, and has a very vivid imagination, but is bothered by his fellow classmates, and is a rather hopeless soccer goalie. Still he tries to cope with this difficult time in life. He's doing the homework of the "bad guy" in his class, son of a rich salesman of caravans. Jo's mother is seeing dangers all around, being overprotective, and trying to hide her affair with the psychologist neighbor. Every kid in the street is trying to get hold of a football-card with the goalie of Liverpool. This is to kill for...

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The Liverpool Goalie
90 min
10 wins & 1 nomination.


File name
Keeper'n til Liverpool (2010)
Keeper'n Til Liverpool - The Liverpool Goalie (2011)

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