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Ukraine, South America, India, France - farmers, scientists, producers of organic food present their views as well as successes of their work with earth, which is presented in second plan as a woman. Earth as living ecosystem itself is compared to the soil sterilized and destroyed by pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, machine processing - where new crops grow only thanks to another doses of chemical stimulants. In vicious circle, food becomes dependent on and controlled by oil & industry, food barely edible, while seeds - which should not be owned and marketed as such - are reduced to a few state-allowed modified species and sold. The macho-hero approach of controlling, forcing and raping of the earth is becoming the subject of irony, criticism and appeal - in more layers - social, economic, agronomic.

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Solutions locales pour un désordre global
French, Portuguese, English, Russian, Hindi
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Solutions locales pour un desordre global (2010)
Solutions locales pour un desordre global (2010)

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