Subtitles Fight the Fight



Icons Sammo Hung co-stars with his son Sammy and Kane Kosugi in the Choy Lee feet. The story revolves around two best friends in Europe (due to real life best friends Sammy Hung and Kane Kosugi), who love martial arts. They are Hung Gar exponent after learning his art from Hung (Sammo Hung). When they want to learn other forms of martial arts, they head out to China in an effort to learn the art Kung Fu Choy Li feet. Kosugi's character wants to learn about art because his grandfather had been defeated by a female exponents of the art and want to learn but never have the chance. When the duo heads to China, they know that Choy Li foot school is being challenged by a rival school. Hung and Kosugi entered a martial arts tournament to save the future of the school.

Overview from

Choyleefut: Speed of Light
China, Hong Kong
Mandarin, Cantonese
93 min

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