Subtitles Late Blossom



"Late Blossom" follows the lives of two couples who live in the same neighborhood. Kim Man-Suk delivers milk on a motorbike at dawn. He curses a lot, but actually has a warm heart. One day when he goes up a slope, he meets Ms. Song - a lonely woman who works hards by collecting and selling scrap paper. Man-Suk feels something special toward Ms. Song. Jang Kun-Bong works in a parking lot. Jang Kun-Bong has a wife who suffers from Alzheimer's. He works from dawn until late at night. After work he comes home and takes care of his wife.

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Late Blossom
South Korea
118 min
1 win & 4 nominations.


File name
Cunning Single Lady E13
The Full Sun E16 END
Cunning Single Lady E12
Cunning Single Lady E11

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