Subtitles Můj vysvlečenej deník



Bittersweet teenage comedy based upon the best-selling novel written by a seventeen year old girl, Johana Rubinova. Johana (Veronika Kubarová) lives with her father and stepmother. Her own mother passed away when Johana was a little girl. It had been two years now, when Johana tried to commit a suicide, after experiencing a split-up with her first big love, a boy called Simon. Since then, Johana rather tried to avoid any new love romances. But one really cannot escape from that and she meets a new boy, Cogo. Even she is in love with him, she is not happy. Because one day Johana finds out that he is cheating on her with her best girlfriend. Johana is trying to recover from such a disappointment by investigating in her family history. She wants to find out more about her mother's death. The result of such investigation turns Johana's life upside down. And she has to recognize that people she lives with are really different from what she thought.

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Muj vysvlecenej denik
Czech Republic
90 min


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