Subtitles El Ardor



Described by writer-director Pablo Fendrik as a “Mesopotamian
Western,” El Ardor stars Gael García Bernal as Kaí, a mysterious
shaman who emerges from the Río Paraná to defend a clan of tobacco
farmers against a band of cold-blooded land-grabbers. But this is no
ordinary Western. Filmed on the edge of the Amazon rainforest, near
the border of Brazil and Argentina, the lush, claustrophobic jungle with
its birds, insects and prowling animals becomes as much a part of the
story as the misfortunes of its characters. With minimal dialogue and
yet plenty of drama, including a few good old-fashioned gun battles, El
Ardor is absolutely spellbinding.

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Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, France, USA
Spanish, English
101 min
13 nominations.


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