Subtitles F*ck You, Goethe 2



Mr. Müller is not satisfied with his new work at the Goethe-Gesamtschule. The early getting up and correcting exams annoy him. Director Gerster wants to improve the image of the Goethe-Gesamtschule because she wants to be a symbol of the new company. To achieve this, she wants to take away the partnership from the Schillergymnasium with a Thai school. So, Mr. Müller, Mrs. Schnabelstedt and the 10b must go on a school trip to Thailand.

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Suck Me Shakespeer 2
German, English, Thai
115 min
1 nomination.


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Suck Me Shakespeer 2 (2015) BluRay 720p DTS
Suck Me Shakespeer 2 (2015) BluRay 720p DTS

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