English subtitles for TV show Mission: Impossible - S03E08



Information on U.S. missile control centers has been stolen and turned over to Valentin Yetkoff, military attache and agent of an enemy power. The IMF must keep Yetkoff from confirming the information and in fact lead him to believe it is false. They go after Yetkoff's main man, The IMF recruit a Presidential aid and his wife Susan, and Susan woos Toland and lets him see she and her husband have top-secret papers relating to the missile centers. Toland kills Susan with an overdose and photographs the papers, but the IMF revives her just in time. Phelps presents himself to Yetkoff as one of the agents' underlings and gives Yetkoff proof that the stolen information is correct. Yetkoff finds out Jim is isn't who he pretends to be and believes therefore the information must be incorrect. When Toland presents his own proof that the stolen information is correct, Yetkoff believes he is an enemy U.S. agent and has him killed, then informs his superiors the information they stole is false.

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The Diplomat
1 h

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