English subtitles for TV show Mission: Impossible - S07E08



Norman Shields is a Syndicate man controlling the entertainment industry with money supplied by Theodore Dane, and is sending his brother Benjamin with the money to finance a takeover - the IMF must get the records and bring Shields down. Jim takes Theo's place (he and Shields have never met) and backs a production of a movie based on a murder which Shields committed years ago. Willy replaces Shields' gun with blanks and during a late night confrontation he ""shoots"" Jim - the IMF get the whole thing on tape and redub it with Theo's voice. Benjamin insists on seeing the money-making film that Shields is so worried about - instead, Shields ends up showing him the IMF film where brother Theo is ""killed."" Dane takes the syndicate records from Shields, who in turns has them taken by Willy and Jim.

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1 h

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