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Caress vows to avenge her years of imprisonment by threatening to reveal Alexis and Ben's conspiracy behind Blake's trial. Dana bitterly attacks Adam for using her to discover Blake's secret venture, ""The Crater"" project. An apparent reconciliation between Alexis and Caress results in a job at the Denver Mirror for Caress, and the beginning of her schemes for retribution. Michael Culhane uses Zach Powers, surreptitiously in his behalf, to offer Blake the $50 million dollar loan he desperately needs. The transaction nets Culhane thirty percent of ""The Crater"" project and the perfect opportunity to crush Blake. Clay is less than ecstatic to learn Sammy Jo is pregnant. Caress promises to illuminate Emily Fallmont's past with Ben unless she's paid $100,000. A devastated Emily turns to Ben for advice. As Caress enters her car, shots ring out, shattering her window, narrowly missing her and thwarting her attempted murder. Michael seduces Amanda. Against Blake's adamant objections, Amanda mov

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The Choice
60 min

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