English subtitles for TV show Beverly Hills, 90210 - S04E08



The Walshes host a party to celebrate their twentieth anniversary. An unstable Dylan buys a gun from a private dealer and waves it around like a toy. Brandon breaks into Dylan's house to retrieve his parents' anniversary gift, and Dylan nearly shoots him. He promises to dispose of the weapon. Dylan warns Brandon that Stuart has an unsavory past. Stuart proposes to Brenda during the party. Everyone (except Jim's mother) is stunned when they announce their engagement. Mel dumps Erin off on David so that he can spend the weekend in Mexico with his girlfriend. Jackie is enraged when Erin becomes ill. Andrea reconsiders her relationship with Dan. She flirts with the handsome bartender at the Walshes' party. Brandon meets an attractive doctoral student at the campus gym.

Music: ""What the World Needs Now Is Love"" by Jackie DeShannon (#7, 1965); ""In the Midnight Hour"" (Wilson Pickett - #21, 1965) and ""Midnight at the Oasis"" (Maria Muldaur - #6, 1974), performed by Ronnie Jayne

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Twenty Years Ago Today
46 min

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