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Esther (Anna Maxwell Martin) admits to Jarndyce (Denis Lawson) that she's given up hope of a relationship with Woodcourt (Richard Harrington). She feels her disfigurement makes it impossible for any man to love her. Jarndyce agonises over whether to keep his own feelings for her concealed.Guppy makes a big mistake by letting slip to Smallweed (Phil Davis) about Nemo's letters.Tulkinghorn (Charles Dance) is close to piecing together Lady Dedlock's (Gillian Anderson) secret. Sergeant George (Hugo Speer) reluctantly provides a handwriting sample, which matches the legal documents penned by Nemo (John Lynch). It proves without doubt that Nemo was Captain Hawdon.Meanwhile, Esther, Ada (Carey Mulligan), Charley (Katie Angelou) and Jarndyce pay Boythorn (Warren Clarke) another visit. The girls take a walk through Chesney Wold where they encounter Lady Dedlock, who asks to speak to Esther alone.Lady Dedlock reveals that she is Esther's mother. The shocked Esther learns that Lady Dedlock had been told her baby had died and only recently learned of her existence. Despite the revelation, Lady Dedlock insists no-one should know their secret, and they should never meet again.

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Episode #1.8

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