Subtitles Blue Bloods, Season 4 - Episode 3



When a man is killed in front of his son, Danny investigates. The boy gives him information that helps him identify the man. He learns the man has a record and was convicted of murder a few years but is not in prison and can't be found anywhere. Frank is later approached by Homeland Security who tells him the man Danny is looking for works for them and asks him to drop the investigation. He goes to Danny and tells him about Homeland Security but he doesn't formally tell him to drop it. Danny tries to find a person who knows the man he's looking for but can't find him because Homeland Security made him unaccessible. Danny goes to Erin to ask what he can do and she tells him there's nothing stopping him from following the agent who is handling the man. He does and finds him. Erin's arraigning the man and discovers that her ex, Jack is representing the man. After the man is arraigned he grabs the bailiff's gun and holds everyone hostage. Jaime comes across an accident wherein a boy and his mother are pinned he helps them. The boy asks for Jaime not to leave him but a lieutenant orders him to stay which he disobeys. Jaime is facing disciplinary action for what he did and Frank chooses not to intervene.

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To Protect and Serve
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