English subtitles for TV show Early Edition - S01E01



After being kicked out of his house by his wife, Gary Hobson is forced to move into a hotel room. It was a regular Monday morning, except for a mysterious paper that was delivered by an even more mysterious yellow cat at his door. At first Gary didn't pay much attention to the paper, but after a while he realized that wasn't a regular paper, it was tomorrow's paper.

The first thing Gary does is get himself fired at his stockbroking job by messing around with stocks without his boss's permission. Then he devotes his free time to earn some money on bets, and eventually gives it to Marissa, the receptionist at his old job, who's blind and needs a dog.

After Gary's regular news trader suffers an accident, Gary realizes that he could have saved him. The paper came for a reason after all. And so Gary decides to stop a shooting at a bank, which causes a lot of confusion. But that doesn't keep the paper from coming every morning, at 6:30 am sharp.

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43 min

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