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The main theme of the series explores Sydney's obligation to conceal her true career from her friends and family, even as she assumes multiple aliases to carry out her missions. These themes are most prevalent in the first two seasons of the show. A major plotline of the series was the search for and recovery of artifacts created by Milo Rambaldi, a Renaissance-era character with similarities to both Leonardo da Vinci and Nostradamus. This plot and some technologies used in the series place Alias into the genre of science fiction.

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Season 1

The first season of Alias premiered September 30, 2001 on ABC and concluded May 12, 2002 and was released on DVD in region 1 on September 2, 2003. Guest stars in season one include Sir Roger Moore, Terry O'Quinn, Quentin Tarantino, and Gina Torres.

Apart from Truth Be Told, the episodes of Alias are often unconventionally structured in that the title credits are usually shown well into the plot, almost as an afterthought. Also, usually a plot finishes at mid-episode and a new plot begins, so that every episode finishes with a cliffhanger. The impression thus created is that an episode will conclude the previous one and plant the seeds of the next one.

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Season 2

The second season of Alias premiered September 29, 2002 on ABC and concluded May 4, 2003 and was released on DVD in region 1 on December 2, 2003. Guest stars in season two include David Carradine, Ethan Hawke, Richard Lewis, Faye Dunaway, Rutger Hauer, Christian Slater, and Danny Trejo. The thirteenth episode of the season, Phase One, aired after Super Bowl XXXVII.

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Season 3

The third season of the American drama/adventure television series Alias premiered September 28, 2003 on ABC and concluded May 23, 2004 and was released on DVD in region 1 on September 7, 2004. Guest stars in season three include Vivica A. Fox, Isabella Rossellini, Ricky Gervais, Griffin Dunne, Djimon Hounsou, Peggy Lipton, and Quentin Tarantino.

A seven-minute animated short titled The Animated Alias: Tribunal was produced for the DVD release of the third season. The short takes place between the second and third seasons.

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Season 4

The fourth season of the American drama/adventure television series Alias premiered January 5, 2005 on ABC and concluded May 25, 2005 and was released on DVD in region 1 on October 25, 2005. Guest stars in season four include Sônia Braga, Joel Grey, Michael McKean, Lena Olin, Isabella Rossellini .

Speaking of the previous season, J.J. Abrams said: "We weren't as true to the characters. They became pawns in a plot-driven story." He described the season as a year of "reinvention", which refocused on relationships.

Unlike all other seasons of the series, the fourth season aired entirely during the latter half of the American television season, allowing for a more continuous run. Only one Wednesday evening was skipped in this run, so as not to coincide with the 2005 State of the Union Address from President George W. Bush.

The scheduling shift for the fourth season was prompted by displacement of the series from its previous time slot, due to the success of Alias' fall replacement — season one of Desperate Housewives. ABC's other notable new series from the season, Lost, became the lead-in program for Alias. A new night, new lead-in, and noticeable lack of weeks without new episode broadcasts are thought to have contributed to some of the series' best overall ratings during its five-season run.

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Season 5

The fifth and final season of the American drama/adventure television series Alias premiered September 29, 2005, on ABC and concluded May 22, 2006, and was released on DVD in region 1 on November 21, 2006. Guest stars in season five include Gina Torres and Lena Olin.

Season 5 returned to Alias's former viewing schedule by starting on September 29, 2005 and concluded on May 22, 2006. The previous season aired entirely in 2005, beginning in January and concluding in May. Between December 2005 and April 2006, the series went on hiatus due to Jennifer Garner's real-life pregnancy as well as news of the show's cancellation. Season 5 consisted of 17 episodes, including four double-length episodes, two aired back-to-back upon its return from hiatus, and another two aired back-to-back for the series finale.

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