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Meet the team of the UMP cruiser, a barely-functional starship led by an aggressively cheerful Captain with a with a barely-competent crew, including a clueless navigator, a brain damaged mechanic, a bickering couple,a man with gills raised to be an organ farm for his brother and ART, the billionaire turned robot. When their ship is drawn into a different universe, they must to learn to work together while dealing with space clouds, robot rebellions, and the occasional alien attack.

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Other Space
30 min



Season 1

The crew falls through a ripple in space and ends up in an unknown universe. They struggle to find new ripples but without much luck. When they finally manage to track one down they no longer have the fuel they need to travel through it and it turns out it doesn't lead home but to another more hostile universe. The season ends with the introduction of an alien that is being hunted. It appears that their journey home isn't going to be as easy as they might have thought.

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